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As consultant psychiatrists, Dr. Pakha Tesia and Dr. Sonali Tesia help patients with their psychological illness and problems and help them to achieve a positive attitude and mental wellbeing.


Fearfulness, panic attacks, breathlessness may be signs of underlying anxiety issues. Medication and relaxation can improve well-being.


Childhood behavioral problems including hyperactivity, attention deficit, scholastic deterioration and school absenteeism may be signs of psychological illness. Early treatment and child therapy improves outcome.


Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and drugs are various substance of abuse. Maladaptive pattern of substance use can be treated with the help of medicines and behaviour therapy


Acute stressors affect a person in the short term while chronic stressors affect over a longer term. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. Click to learn more.


Depending on specific illness and symptoms, treatment may include antidepressants and mood stabilizing medicines combined with psychotherapy.


Various psychological conditions can affect sexual life of a person. Medicines and counselling can improve satisfaction.


Nicotine addiction can be difficult to break and cause serious health problems. However there are techniques that can help people give up smoking and stay healthy. Click to learn more.


Maladaptive behavioural patterns can cause significant distress. These can be addressed by Cognitive and Behavioral therapies.

Consultant Psychiatrists


Dr. Pakha Tesia

MD - Psychiatry

- National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore 2003



- Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) Pondicherry, 1999


Dr. Sonali Shinde Tesia

MD - Psychiatry

- National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, 2005



- DYPMC (Dr. DY Patil Medical College) Nerul, Navi Mumbai 2000

Improve Your Life

40% of world population is affected by psychological problems. Seeking help is the first step towards living life to the absolute fullest.

Latest Updates

Identifying a problem is the beginning, consulting a specialist, the next step. And while you look for a solution, here are some behavioral and health related topics…

  • Mental Wellness Tips
  • Staying Sober Tips
  • Stress Management Tips

Improving your mental wellness is critical to improving your health.


1. Take care of your body

2. Maintain a healthy diet

3. Take rest breaks

4. Keep upgrading skills

5. Engage in new activities

6. Spend time with family

7. Take care of sleep hygiene

8. Take time to meditate

9. Maintain a healthy weight

Recovering from addiction isn't easy. Here're some tips to manage urges and stress.

1. Avoid risky situations

2. Build support network

3. Join Alcoholics Anonymous

4. Try substitute like chewing gum

5. Take up new activities or interests

Stress can be bad for anybody's health. Trying to be happy can keep stress at bay.

1. Maintain positive attitude

2. Being assertive is better than aggressive

3. Practice relaxation techniques

4. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

5. Say no to requests that may add stress

6. Invest in hobbies that relax your nerves

7. Stay away from abusive substances

Patient Feedback

Good Experience it was.. the doctor was nice and friendly. the medicine given was also good.. it has improve my addiction for drugs..

Rituraj Sarma

Visited For Drug Abuse (Practo Verified)

I was into drug abuse for a long period and wanted to come out of it but it was not a easy task for me... Dr. Pakha Tesia helped me come out of the compulsive situation easily.

Practo Verified Patient

Drug Abuse & DeAddiction Therapy